I'm a soundrecordist  ( www.soundrecordistedinburgh.co.uk ) to trade so setting up to record voice overs at home was never going to be too much of a challenge! :-)   I can remote record voiceover via a proven system using large capsule microphones and a high quality professional interface, via hardwired ethernet and fibre connection. 
If you would like to hear your script as a test, email me your script and I will record a test for you and send it back in whichever popular format you'd like.

I can perform basic editing and tidying too, or lay a music track etc.

​​​​​​​Based in both Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, having been brought up in the south east of England, but spending the last 33 years in Scotland, my voice has ended up being, er, well... sort of neutral - but without that simply meaning 'English'!
I can certainly pull off that accent which offends nobody, but has an appeal all its own. I can be sexy, serious, instructive or inviting. I can be silly, (particularly upperclass english, 'Tim-nice-but-dim' or 'Mr Cholmondley-Warner') military or just downright posh. Also, worryingly, I can be very camp indeed. 
I am particularly good at engineering and medical scripts... see big words...don't frighten me like.

"...We have used his voice over skills for audio medical journals as well as for commercial production. He's intelligent, articulate and his knowledge of broadcast is complete. All in all a very useful man to have around you. Book him!"
Al George, CANONGATE studios

I have had the pleasure of working with Guy for a great many years.  I’ve used his voice for a variety of different projects and each time he’s delivered on time and to brief. He has a can-do attitude and takes direction very well, adapting his voice to specifics of the project.  If you need a VO artist who can self record, is very quick to deliver and good to work with - give Guy a call.​​​​​​​
Chris Bridges, Producer, FreeAgent

"Guy's long-form reading is second-to-none and he doesn't make mistakes!"
James at RED Facilities

"We were recommended Guy by an ex-colleague here in Athens. We needed an English language voice over for a video. Doing it remotely we expected a lot of 'to and fro' but Guy nailed it so quickly the editor wasn't even ready for it!"
Louisa at Kathimerini English Edition​​​​​​​

"Guy is a great reader and can make any script sound very special. A real professional who is always a pleasure to work with."
David at RED Facilities

"I have used Guy on a number of occasions for Voice Over work, and whatever the project or client, have always found his work excellent. A lot of the projects have been highly technical and he has dealt with them with ease. Thoroughly recommended."
Andrew Macintosh Consultant at G2G3

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